Golf swing basics

The Golf Swing is the most important weapon in a golfer’s armory. A golfer who masters the golf swing is bound to enjoy a lot of success in the game. There are certain fundamental aspects or basics associated with the golf swing that every golfer should know about. Read on for an overview of the basics of the Golf Swing. If you’re an aspiring young golfer, you’ll find the information given here quite useful.


The Golfer’s Grip

The Golfer’s Grip is the first thing every young golfer, who is new to golf, must master, before learning the other important parts of the game. Simply put, a Golfer’s Grip is how you hold the golf club in your hands. When you hold the golf club too hard, that really hurts your game. And you shouldn’t hold the golf club too softly either, as that would cause you to lose control over it. What you should do is to hold the golf club as though you’re holding a small rabbit in your hands – hold firmly, without holding too tightly.

There are many ways to grip the golf club. Many golfers like the Single Overlap Grip, which has the pinky finger on the right hand overlapping the index finger on the left hand, if you’re right handed and vice versa if you’re left handed. The Interlock Grip is also popular. Here, if you’re right handed, the pinky finger on the right hand interlocks with the index finger of the left, and vice versa if you’re left handed. Another popular grip is the Baseball Grip, in which you basically hold the golf club just the way you hold the baseball bat.

So, which grip should you choose? Try all three, and stick to the one you feel most comfortable with.


The Golfer’s Stance

The Golfer’s Stance dictates whether he or she is a good golfer, an average one or below average. A stance is how you stand over the ball, holding the golf swing in your hands. How is your posture? Preferably your back should be straight, with knees flexed, hips bent. What is the angle at which you swing the golf club?

You should get the mechanics of your golf stance absolutely perfect if you’re determined to really improve your game. First, the width of your stance shouldn’t be wider than your shoulder length, the back should be perfectly straight and bent slightly at an angle of 80 degrees from the torso, and the knees should be slightly bent. To get the Swing Sequence right – the back swing, down swing and the follow through – you must have the perfect stance. The angle at which your back is bent should be the same in your follow through as it is in the back swing. This is critical for your game.


The Golfer’s Pivot

The Golfer’s Pivot is how a golfer twists his or her body, specifically the hips, during the back swing, down swing and the follow through. How well you pivot, has a definite bearing on how much power you’re able to impart to your golf swing. Most professional golfers have mastered the pivot, which makes it possible for them to drive the golf ball harder, to a much greater distance, than most amateurs are able to.



The Golfer’s Alignment

The Golfer’s Alignment dictates the ability of a golfer to pick the target, getting the golf ball go exactly where it is intended to get to. In other words, your accuracy as a golfer is determined by the Alignment. To get this right, you should align your entire body towards the target. You shouldn’t just focus on the target with your eyes, makes sure that your entire body movement – especially during the follow through of the swing – is aligned towards the target.


The Golfer’s Mentality

Ultimately, golf is more of a mental game than a physical game. To master the Golfer’s Mentality is to attune yourself psychologically to the game, concentrate hard on your target as you take the swing and put other thoughts out of your mind while at it.


There is nothing complicated about golf, although it appears so at first sight. But getting the Golf Swing right is critical. The only way to master the golf swing is through hard work and consistent practice.








4 Easy Steps to Transform your Game

In golf, it is natural to make mistakes, especially when you’re new to the game. Even experienced pros make mistake. The mistakes could be getting the grip wrong, not getting the follow through perfect, a poor stance, and so on. What is unforgivable though, is to make the same mistakes repeatedly, not learning from your errors.

What many young golfers who are serious about their game do is to pick the brains of a golf teacher or a professional golfer. You should get a golf pro or a golf teacher to observe you as you take your swing, note where you’re going wrong, and ask for suggestions on how to improve. The trick to being a reasonably decent golfer is to cut off the bad habits at the beginning of your life as a golfer, and to reinforce the great habits that you pick along the way. Constance practice and the hours spent on the driving range are absolutely critical to your progress as a golfer.

Read on for our simple and yet useful tips that help you to completely transform your game as a golfer.


Tip #1. The first tip relates to accuracy, which is absolutely critical for any golfer. To get accuracy right, the alignment of your body is critical, it should be in the direction of your target and should be in line with it. Your shoulders should be parallel to the line of the target as you take your swing.


Tip #2. The golf course grass has a great effect on your game. If the golf course grass is shiny and the grain of the green runs your way, then you may expect the putts to be faster and smoother. If the golf course grass is dull and the grain of the green runs away from you, the putts are slower, and it requires a greater effort on your part to get the golf ball to cover the distance.
Tip #3. Your wrists. A golfer should have strong and firm wrists. A poor wrist action could ruin your game as it affects the accuracy by up to as much as 95%. To get the wrist action right, if you’re right handed, your left wrist should be perfectly flat with respect to the back of your left forearm as well as to the back of your left hand, and vice versa if you’re left handed.

Tip #4. For the golf swing to be just right, it is important that your head is perfectly still, behind the ball at all times, right from the start of the back swing till the last moment of the follow through. How do you do this? Well, when you take the stance, make sure that your head’s shadow is exactly on the golf ball, keep observing the shadow as you take your swing and make sure that it doesn’t leave the ball at any stage.


Our tips are quite simple, but follow them well, practice hard and feel the difference in your game.


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